• Use Vondechii's Vault Manifestation Pens for Manifestation, Journaling, and the Law of Attraction. These gorgeous pens are perfectly made for journaling your desires and dreams and aid in law of attraction.


    Size: Pen Length: 5.5 inch/ 14cm

    Pen Diameter: 0.35inch/ 0.9cm

    Diamond Diameter: 0.8inch/ 2cm

    Diamond Height: 0.5inch/ 1.3cm

    Cartridge Length: 3.2inch/ 8.2cm

    Material: Stainless steel pen tube and metal copper holder w/ inserted Rhinestones.


    Vondechii's Vault Manifestation Pen are sold at $10.00 for four (4)

    Manifestation Pens (4)

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